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T F A Concentrated Flavoring


The Flavor Apprentice Concentrated Flavoring at ~Vaporworld~

Vaporworld uses Flavor Apprentice in some of the amazing flavors offered online.

About The Flavor Apprentice

The Perfumer’s Apprentice began in 2004, as a little shop in a Santa Cruz loft. It was a place where people could learn about perfumery and chemistry through workshops and classes, and experiment with a myriad of fragrance ingredients. From that cozy beginning we’ve grown organically and quickly into an informative and dependable online source for a wide variety of aromatic applications. We’ve even begun supplying culinarians with a great selection of concentrated flavor liquids. We’re also a storefront for the John Steele Company’s famous selection of natural essential oils, absolutes, and attars.

Because the perfumery items are not recommended for any internal use, we’ve separated our page into two main sections: “The Perfumer’s Apprentice” and “The Flavor Apprentice”. These are both organized by the same team of people, and orders can include any combination of flavors and perfume items!

We no longer offer classes, but we’d still like to help you learn! We have a selection of Educational Kits for our perfumery items that are a great way to begin or supplement your own fragrance blending. New perfumers should all start with the “Beginners Perfumery Set”, which includes a helpful booklet to get started. The other kits are a great way to get more items to experiment with once you’re comfortable!

Our goal is to enable perfumers and flavorists of all levels to learn about and experience truly professional components. Let us help you on your journey into the world of personal scent and flavor creation.

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