WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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NicSelect Alchem

Alchem International is a leading global manufacturer of pharma-grade USP nicotine and nicotine blends for use in e-liquids and e-cigarettes as well as nicotine patches, nicotine gums and nicotine lozenges.

Alchem’s NicSelect™ is naturally derived from tobacco plants and manufactured at its WHO* GMP-licensed and FDA-inspected pharmaceutical production plant. Stocked in both European and U.S. warehouses, NicSelect™ is the purest and most stable liquid nicotine on the market today.

Founded in 1935, Alchem International is India’s largest herbal extracts manufacturer and supplier of plant-based chemicals to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. With over 1,000 employees worldwide, Alchem has three manufacturing sites across India and four international divisions with teams in India, Europe, Hong Kong and the U.S.

Over 90 percent of Alchem’s production is exported and sold to companies outside of India. Alchem has sold products to companies in 35 countries and has filed regulatory dossiers in over 20 countries.

Alchem offers several competitive advantages. First, Alchem cultivates many of its own herbs and plants. Its completely integrated operations mean Alchem produces clinically-supported branded ingredients, overseeing every step of the production process.

Alchem applies a pharmaceutical approach to every ingredient it produces. With liaison offices in the U.S. and Europe and a network of approved distributors, Alchem provides optimum quality and value to its North American and global customers.

Alchem’s seven herbal extraction plants in three manufacturing sites feature:

  • Extensive herbal cultivation and global procurement network
  • Branded ingredients supported by clinical studies
  • World-class Ph.D. and M.Sc. R&D groups
  • Fully equipped quality control facility and microbiological lab

Alchem’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its:

  • Pharmaceutical approach (USP, BP, EP) to every ingredient
  • U.S. and EU GMP-certified with rigorous quality assurance programs
  • FDA inspected with excellent relationships and records
  • Audited and approved by large global pharmaceutical companies

NicSelect™ offers six key advantages: 


  • NicSelect is naturally extracted from tobacco plants, and never synthetically produced. Read more about Alchem International and its long and distinguished history of making pharmaceutical-grade plant-based chemicals.


  • Alchem International is a reliable supplier that is exporting and stocking NicSelect in the U.S. and Europe. Approved customers can receive their shipment within a few days.


  • Pure liquid nicotine is dangerous. All NicSelect bottles and packaging are labeled with the manufacturer name, contents, expiration date, safety, quality and inspection details.


  • NicSelect is securely packed into leak-proof, airtight containers as soon as it’s made to retain its freshness. Our approved customers have a nice variety of sizes and blends to choose from.


  • NicSelect comes from Alchem International’s FDA-inspected facility and is consistent, batch after batch.


  • NicSelect doesn’t just meet – it exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia standards for purity and impurity levels. Every batch carries its own certificate of analysis.


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