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100% Safe & Secure Shopping on VaporSupply.com

Valued Customer ~

                You may have noticed recently when performing a search for VaporSupply.com on Google, our search result listing included a message saying “This site may be hacked.” When we discovered this, we immediately hired some of the best third-party website security firms to scan and review our entire website for any possible issue. After extensive testing, the results show a completely clean security profile. Our site is indeed 100% safe and secure, was not hacked at any time and is friendly for shopping and transactions.

                Within our research, we discovered that Google recently changed its algorithm to identify websites that have been hacked in an effort to keep their searchers safe. However, they have admitted that some websites were misclassified. Unfortunately, Vapor Supply has been a victim of this misclassification. Google’s John Mueller explains here that they recognize this problem and have begun taking steps to help websites like Vapor Supply eliminate this misclassified “hacked” label. However, we’re at the mercy of Google’s timing, and we don’t know how long the label will remain.

                At this stage, we have finished all of the work we need to complete on our end to submit our site for review by Google’s team, and when Google is able to process our request, we anticipate this problem being resolved. Your security is very important to us. We wanted communicate our awareness of this problem and likewise share that we are actively taking steps to resolve the issue with Google.

                If there are any questions, comments or concerns – please take a moment to email sales@vaporsupply.com. Our customer service team has been made aware of this situation and will be happy to help answer any concerns you voice in the best manner we’re able.

                Thanks for your continued business with Vapor Supply. We appreciate your support. Please rest assured that VaporSupply.com will continue to provide a safe shopping environment for all of your vapor supply needs.