WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Wholesale E-Liquid Empty Bottles




All of our wholesale e-liquid empty bottles caps are CRC (aka CR cap) which is an

acronym for a Child Resistant Closure. In the US there are currently very few laws

regarding the sale of e-liquids or juices. However, we have anticipated forthcoming

legislation, and heard numerous requests in the vaping industry asking for the safety

and security that a CR cap provides. You can expect this be part of any new laws

governing the e-liquid industry.

We have tested and continue to do random residue testing on all of our bottles by an

independent third party laboratory. They meet FDA compliance for food containers as well as

meeting all FDA child resistance standards. If you find a wholesaler selling the same bottle at a

lower price we will match them plus add free shipping. All of these wholesale e-liquid bottles are

LDPE which is great at resisting any acid that can accompany flavors of e-juice, especially citrus

blends. It’s also squeezable!


  •  Vapor World doesn’t manufacture bottles 
  •  Vapor World is not responsible for certificate of quality 
  •  Any certificates must be obtained from the manufacturing company 
  •  Vapor World’s bottles may not be in compliance with each states local laws